The Fatty Acids

“You are a really funny person to talk to about people that have broken hearts”

The Fatty Acids (iTunes/Amazon/Spotify) have arrived. At Boléro.

After forming in 2008, touring the continental US five times and putting out Stop Berries, Berries, and Berries, Berries (2010), Leftover Monsterface (2011), Fat Fauxmance (2011), Torrential Zen (2012) and a handful of misfit singles, they’ve hit a real rich indie rock seam.

Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge and recorded & mixed in-house by the band, Boléro (2013) is a wild, beautiful, Flaming-Lips-esque rush through the landscape of their home state Wisconsin.

Melodically it’s a triumph. An absolute showcase for their manic scramblepop sound.

As well as a couple of standout tracks for radio, we think the album is full of great songs for independent cinema, games and TV.

We’ll be putting our money where our mouth is by releasing a special UK edit of ‘Worst Part’ in early 2015.






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