PLM Podcast #2: Adam Clements (animator/director) visits Pink Lizard Towers (cover art)

#2 – Adam Clements (animator/director) visits Pink Lizard Towers

Pink Lizard Music boss Benbo collars the Treetunnel main man on a flying visit to Brixton.

Adam Clements is half of the team behind Benbo’s ‘If You Feel Emotional’ visuals, as well as work for #filmsforCorbyn, Time To Change and Lily Cole’s

He discusses influences, discovering one’s creative voice, and how he & Janey Moffatt cheated Benbo out of half the frames that should have appeared in his video.

Plus a tracklist that includes exclusives from Alone In Splendour and Benbo:

  1. The Fatty Acids: Interlude (WASHAWEDOO) [Kribber Krown]
  2. Benbo: If You Feel Emotional [PKLZD]
  3. Benbo: Nurvel Durd [forthcoming PKLZD]
  4. Alone In Splendour: To Shake The Mountain [forthcoming Blush Lacertilia]
  5. The Fatty Acids: Worst Part (Rob Macfarlane Remix) [PKLZD]
  6. Neotropic: If We Were Trees [Rouge Reptile]
  7. Pan Electric & Ishq: Air [Rouge Reptile]

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