Caught In The Web - photo of Kim Dotcom/'world premiere' screencap from SXSW website

Kim Dotcom documentary hits #1 on iTunes, syncs Matt Coldrick classic

Earlier this year Caught In The Web, Annie Goldson‘s feature documentary on Kim Dotcom, had its world premiere at SXSW. Green Nuns Of The Revolution track ‘Cor!’, co-written by Matt Coldrick and part-published by Pink Lizard Music, is licensed for a key scene.

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Candelabrum: Candelabrum (cover art)

VICE on HBO license for upcoming Candelabrum release

VICE on HBO have licensed Candelabrum‘s ‘Suspended (Reprise)’, from their upcoming eponymous début, for S5/Ep 22‘s report on press freedom in the Philippines. The episode was first broadcast on August 18.

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Benbo 'F This' (cover art)

Second drop from Benbo’s upcoming mini-album hits Spotify, blogs

With ‘Gravity Pulls Me Down‘ on a wave thanks to early support from mp3hugger, Amazing Radio and 4m-audience-rated radio show The Selector, Benbo has dropped ‘F This’ – another preview from upcoming mini-album EVERYTHING IS FINE.

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Neotropic: Whiter Rabbits [cover art]

Out now: Neotropic’s ‘Whiter Rabbits’ [Rouge Reptile] remastered for 2017 by DJ Shadow/Wu-Tang engineer Bob Macciochi

Whiter Rabbits is the final missing link in the Neotropic album chain. The companion remix piece to White Rabbits, it was originally released on Squid’s Eye in 2008 and the long out-of-print original CD now sells for silly money – if you can find it.

Well, party time, friends – it’s now available again, in both its original format and a brand new set of 2017 Remasters, which have been lovingly remastered for 2017 by SC Mastering‘s Bob Macciochi (who did the same for DJ Shadow’s 20th anniversary reissue of ‘Endtroducing’ last year).


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