Riz Maslen

“I breathed a sigh of relief/That shook the mountain down”

Riz Maslen has had an extraordinary career so far – playing live at Coachella and the Montreaux Jazz Festival, composing for Kew Gardens and the English National Opera, and releasing work on a who’s who of independent labels including R&S/Apollo, Oxygen Music Works and Ninja Tune.

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The Fatty Acids

“You are a really funny person to talk to about people that have broken hearts”

The Fatty Acids (iTunes/Amazon/Spotify) have arrived. At Boléro.

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Mother Cyborg

“I’ll listen deep and talk sweet/To the heartbeat/That drives the humans”

Mother Cyborg cares about the future of technology and all the ways in which it can shape relationships.

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“Voices in my house/Won’t go away”

Maverick London-based songwriter, artist & producer Benbo is also, according to Eddy Temple Morris, ‘the best cartoonist in the world’* – a reputation he’s been building since 2012, during which he published a new drawing every single day.

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Otti Albietz

“Something like/The way it feels inside/Something like that”

Otti Albietz (iTunes/Amazon/Spotify) makes fragile, stunning, image-laden songs that oscillate between intense realism and fantastical dreams.

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December 2016, Johannesburg: Cape Town MC EJ von LYRIK (Eloise Jones) is inducted into the South African Hip Hop Hall of Fame.

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Matt Coldrick

Matt Coldrick has toured the world with Gabrielle, scored music for the BBC, Channel 4, Sky, Sony and Sega, and founded Green Nuns of the Revolution with Neil Cowley and Dick Trevor.

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“Feels like I’m falling/Deeper inside”

Pablo McFee first began working with luminaries such as Earl Myers and Roots Manuva at the now legendary Rhythm Station in London.

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“Emanate/The beams, the beams of light/Flowing through my ears and outta my eyes as tears”

Swoonz is blazing a unique vocal trail through the US bass music underground.

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Michelle Bee

“Emotionally/I’m tired of this thing/And critically/I wanna get out”

Michelle Bee is about to head out on European tour for the first time, as the voice of The Emperor Machine.

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A.K. Benedict

A.K. Benedict‘s compositions and co-writes have featured on BBC1, ITV1, Channel 4, XFM, BBC Radio 3 and BT Sport, as well as award-winning films.

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Kate Renwick

“Uninspired / recognise / the places that I / cannot go”

Kate Renwick has been working with sound since forever.

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Maria Marzaioli

Maria Marzaioli plays noisy violin in Slum of Legs and is half of Desire Line with Kate Renwick.

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“Sour tears/Not for the brave or the strong”

Vib’s extraordinary voice has graced collaborations with Knives Out, Benbo and fast-rising Soulection signing starRo.

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“Then you showed me what love could be/It revolutionized my reality”

Uliya lives in Brooklyn, NY by way of California and Ohio.

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Über Fabulous

Bullshit darling? I am through with it/Oh yes”

Über Fabulous is a cheerful exercise in questionable taste. She found god through the Eurovision song contest.

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Tracey Edges

“The moon is cheese/Too high to reach/With no propulsion”

Tracey Edges is an acclaimed artist and writer who exhibits and broadcasts both nationally and around her base in Cleethorpes, UK.

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Tobirus Mozelle

“We’ve had to hide, for far too long/Now we breathe, and carry on”

Tobirus Mozelle sings in an earthy, smooth baritone that’s influenced by everything from neo-soul to bluegrass.

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Tide Mark

Tide Mark a.k.a. Mark French is a filmmaker and musician best known for his series of biographical films on Hastings art and music legends.

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Gr3n spends his time listening. If he finds a sound he thinks would be good in a song, he uses it.

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Terry ‘Kat’ Tyldesley

“Crank it up, make it my kind of temper, temper”

Terry ‘Kat’ Tyldesley founded Suburban Mousewife and is half of electropunk disco duo Feral Five – one of Louder Than War‘s #onestowatch for 2017.

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“Now listen, let’s be clear/Insert faux-sympathetic statement here”

Southerner is a talker, thinker, noise maker, ranter and feminist.

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Red Crayon Spider

Red Crayon Spider tweaks and twists acid basslines from within a tangled web of audio jacks, power adaptors and MIDI cables.

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Dana Jade

“I won’t hold my tongue/To make you feel safe”

Dana Jade was born on the island of Trinidad, spent her teenage summers in New York, then moved to London Town to pursue her rock & roll ambitions.

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Oli Spleen

“She got pregnant that’s a fact/with her hymen still intact”

Oli Spleen (iTunes/Amazon/Spotify) founded The Flesh Happening, Pink Narcissus and Fag Machine.  He might be the greatest rock star you’ve never heard of.

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Millia Oz

“Shining stars in a city sky/We’re in darkness and I don’t know why”

Millia Oz (iTunes/Amazon/Spotify) came to public attention on Ídolos (Portugal’s Pop Idol) before her move to London in 2010, where she won the Talenthouse/Avid/Abbey Road Studios song contest.

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Michael James Hall

“Thought I was unique, a snowflake, a dawnbreak/I am a heartbreak”

Michael James Hall was born and raised in Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales where he suffered through teenhood with only The Smiths, Iron Maiden and stolen comics for solace.

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Malt Jones

“Let the truth be told”

Malt Jones is in Regular John, so you might be forgiven for thinking he is somewhat regular.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

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goldBach studied at the Royal College of Music and Royal College of Art. He knew and has been much influenced by John Cage.

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Eleanor Lou

“All too fast/How’d you let that start”

Eleanor Lou writes, sings, plays and records honest, intelligent, blues-inflected pop from her base in the Suffolk countryside.

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John Wilcox aka Cyclonix is a UK based producer and DJ who runs the End Of Level Boss record label.

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“We’ll build a place/Right here/Where a life can shine”

CHAPMAN wrote his first song aged 5 on the inside of a shoebox lid.

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