Next Matt Coldrick reissue: Pan Electric’s ‘Conscious Pilot’

Third in the series, and upcoming on our reissue label Rouge Reptile, is this extraordinary, almost gapless 50 minutes that brings together some extremely fine musicians to create a unique blend of downtempo, ambient, chillout and prog.

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Out now – Benbo: Benbo’s 2015 Bundle [PKLZD]

Benbo’s roundup compilation of all official releases in 2015 is out now, including some rare cassette tracks and remixes:

The year opened with Janey Moffat & Adam Clements‘ ‘Sheep On Drugs’ promo becoming Knitty‘s Knitted Video of the Week, and Jake Scott‘s weird ‘Black Hole’ trip getting tipped by the MG Owner’s Club.

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Preorder Benbo’s 2015 bundle now

Support from Indie Shuffle, Pigeons & Planes, Eddy Temple Morris, BBC Introducing, Emily Dust and loads more for the tracks on this compilation – check out the trailer and preorder for £1 now!

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Out now – Benbo: Nurvel Durd [PKLZD]

Benbo‘s video-only Christmas surprise is getting a full release today –– & tonight it becomes Eddy Temple Morris‘s inaugural ‘Friday Night Hand Job’ on Soho Radio.

Further support already in from Emily Dust (MEATtransMISSION), Show With No Name (FCUM Radio) and Neil Bontoft (Cowbell Radio).

For this PKLZD issue it’s augmented by a new ‘Boring Version’ and a ‘Destroy All Intersample Peaks Remaster’ of the original “for anyone listening on really expensive hi-fi.”

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Benbo drops “amazingly surreal” 2015 Christmas Curiosity

Concluding a year in which his Gordon Raphael-mixed single ‘If You Feel Emotional‘ racked up 14.5K Soundcloud plays (thanks to an Indie Shuffle premiere), Benbo has dropped this instrumental Christmas Curiosity.


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Out now – Tris Taylor: Run The Numbers [PLM Soundtracks]

Run The Numbers is a suite of explorations in unusual time signatures by the ‘Late Junction’ featured composer Tris Taylor.

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Introducing: PLM Library Sounds

Here at PLM Towers we have been looking for a way to help our artists earn money even from great music that doesn’t fit in with their usual stuff.

So we’re starting PLM Library Sounds.

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Adam Clements

Adam Clements is an animator and the Creative Director of Tree Tunnel, a multimedia production company working for non-profits and ethical businesses, with clients including Lily Cole’s, mental health awareness charity Time to Change, and Jeremy Corbyn‘s campaign for Labour leadership.

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Adam Clements talks film & creativity in new Pink Lizard Music Podcast

Treetunnel main man Adam Clements makes a flying visit to Brixton and is collared by Benbo for the new Pink Lizard Music Podcast.

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Introducing PinkSync – now in beta

PLM bossman Tris Taylor will be saying a few words at the London Sync Sessions showcase later today.

To celebrate, we are going public with our PinkSync beta. 

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Out now – Neotropic: White Rabbits (Rouge Reptile)

Today we are excited and humbled to bring you the reissue of this classic album.

“White Rabbits showcases an artist at the top of her form” (Pitchfork)

For this first post-Ninja Tune LP, Riz Maslen travelled to Minneapolis to work with some of its best underground indie musicians.

Blending electronica and live instrumentation into a highly evocative, cinematic mix, White Rabbits is both a great ensemble piece and an extraordinary, intimately personal statement.

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