Pan Electric

Pan Electric's Conscious Pilot

Out now – Pan Electric: Conscious Pilot [Rouge Reptile]

Finally out! – the latest reissue from Matt Coldrick, a complete 50-minute vision of positivity.

Pan Electric‘s Conscious Pilot assembles a cast of wonderful musicians including the award-winning jazz pianist Neil Cowley, Big Chill veteran The Fantastic Laura B, pedal steel legend BJ Cole and synth architect Ishq.

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Pan Electric: Conscious Pilot (cover)

Next Matt Coldrick reissue: Pan Electric’s ‘Conscious Pilot’

Third in the series, and upcoming on our reissue label Rouge Reptile, is this extraordinary, almost gapless 50 minutes that brings together some extremely fine musicians to create a unique blend of downtempo, ambient, chillout and prog.

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PLM Podcast #2: Adam Clements (animator/director) visits Pink Lizard Towers (cover art)

Adam Clements talks film & creativity in new Pink Lizard Music Podcast

Treetunnel main man Adam Clements makes a flying visit to Brixton and is collared by Benbo for the new Pink Lizard Music Podcast.

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Pan Electric & Ishq: Elemental Journey (cover art)

Out now – Pan Electric & Ishq: Elemental Journey [Rouge Reptile]

We continue with Matt Coldrick aka Pan Electric‘s back catalogue reissues, this one in collaboration with the mighty Ishq – 69 minutes 41 seconds of stately, cosmic, psychedelic ambient music.

The album evolved from conversations between Matt, Ishq and Hattie Wells, and began with Ishq sending Matt a series of textural sonic elements that he then developed into full arrangements.

Here’s what Matt originally wrote about it in 2005:

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Pan Electric & Ishq: Elemental Journey (cover art)

Out Monday: Pan Electric & Ishq – Elemental Journey

This is the second in a series of re-releases of classic chillout albums from the back catalogue of Matt Coldrick a.k.a. Pan Electric.

Elemental Journey is a collaboration with Matt Hillier – better known to festival-goers the world over as Ishq.

Jump to the official release website for all the details and a free track!