Use Pink Lizard music

Brands and producers with budget

Call or email us. We will be able to give you an answer quickly.

Filmmakers on zero budget*

Same as ‘Individuals’ below.

Note that we won’t handle requests for instrumentals, paperwork, or copies of unreleased tracks – simply because that distracts us from trying to make our artists and writers some money. Which is why we exist!

*’Zero budget’ means everybody working with the production is working for zero pay, ever.  If anyone at all is getting paid, but you have allocated zero budget to music, please come back when you have found some budget for music.


In principle, YES go for it.

Upload to YouTube too if you like.  When you get the copyright notification, ‘acknowledge’ it, then you’ll be set.

But please note the following:

  1. no uses on scenes of sexual violence, glorification of oppression or shitty stuff like that;
  2. we reserve the right to withdraw/refuse permission at any time without giving a reason;
  3. if the track is not commercially available in the PLM Shop, we are unable to give permission;
  4. even if it is, we may not control all the rights and we are not responsible for clearing rights on your behalf.

We will try to get tiny bits of money back for our artists & writers by ‘monetising’ your ‘content’ where we can, which means putting ads on it.  (We are sorry about this because ads on art suck, but on the other hand our people need money to live and make more music.)

We sincerely regret that, because it’s more than a full time job working to try and earn money for our writers and artists, we are not able to assist with any queries whatsoever relating to free use.

If you don’t want ads on your video, you need to be sure it will remain available for a certain period, or you simply want to recognise and compensate the artists and writers for their work, you are super welcome to contact us about getting a license at a micro-sync rate – email us with:

  1. the track/s you want to use;
  2. details of the film you want to use it on;
  3. how long you want to use it for;
  4. a proposed fee that you find affordable.

Thank you