Out now – Alexandra Benedict & Tris Taylor: Habibti – Original Soundtrack [PLM Soundtracks]

Out today exclusively on iTunes through PLM Soundtracks [PLMS2].  Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp, PLM Store [ft bonus track]: 10 July.

Scripted by BAFTA-winner Daniel Fajemisin-Duncan from a story by Oscar nominee Ari Folman (Waltz with Bashir) and award-winning director Nour Wazzi, Habibti went on to sweep awards and citations at film festivals in Africa, Europe, and both North and South America.

Habibti follows Iman (Hiam Abbass), a conservative Arab woman who travels to London to visit her estranged daughter Amira (Yasmine Al-Massri) only to find her living with her boyfriend… a black artist named Marlon (Jimmy Akingbola). Their conflict brings humour and with it an unlikely bond.

The score by composers A.K. Benedict & Tris Taylor uses instruments from Africa, the Middle East and Europe (qanun, piano, duduk, darabuka and tongue drum) to reflect and deepen the film’s characters and narrative.

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