The Fatty Acids ready to drop first UK EP – :0)

Beyond excited to be doing the first ever release on a UK label by the greatest band we ever heard from Milwaukee, The Fatty Acids.

These guys have worked their way up to near-legendary status in their home town and just played the support slot for Flaming Lips at Summerfest (ginormous US music festival).

Releases on Brooklyn’s Uninhabitable Mansions and their own Kribber Krown imprint, the latter mastered by Grammy-nominated Emily Lazar, brought serious interest from the UK; we ended up flying out to Wisconsin to convince the band to sign on the dotted line.

Today we can reveal this wondrous item will be called :0)

Apparently the title is impossible to display in some stores and doesn’t work in search engines either. It will therefore be virtually impossible to find on the internet hashtag f̫̘̗̖̟̐̊t͍̻̰͚͖̩̿͋ͅw

Therefore you may wish to search for the alt title which is Clown Nose Cliché Alien And Rainbow Gradient Smiley EP.

Official release artwork:

The Fatty Acids: :0) (cover art)

Take a look at the official release website here! Press play on that video up there! WOW BEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!

#The Fatty Acids


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