Out now – Pan Electric & Ishq: Elemental Journey [Rouge Reptile]

We continue with Matt Coldrick aka Pan Electric‘s back catalogue reissues, this one in collaboration with the mighty Ishq – 69 minutes 41 seconds of stately, cosmic, psychedelic ambient music.

The album evolved from conversations between Matt, Ishq and Hattie Wells, and began with Ishq sending Matt a series of textural sonic elements that he then developed into full arrangements.

Here’s what Matt originally wrote about it in 2005:

“Never before in humanity’s brief history has our relationship with the earth been under such scrutiny. It is as if we have forgotten the very nature of our relationship with our hosts and are becoming the guests that out-stayed their welcome. It is as if the earth, now suffering from the reckless industrialisation of the planet, is rejecting us.

“And yet a code, philosophy and language of an existence in harmony with nature are engrained in the hearts of many tribal elders throughout humanity’s indigenous peoples.

“And perhaps this wisdom is the key to a way of existence in which we develop the humility to realise that we are guests, not landlords, on earth. Perhaps we have only forgotten, not lost, our elemental connection, and merely need reminding that the more divorced humanity becomes from its own elemental make-up, the more superior we feel to all other forms of life, including the earth itself.

“This project is dedicated to reminding us of our elemental relationship with the planet.”

Grab a free track at the official release website. More to come!

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