Out now – Oli Spleen & Benbo: A Carol For Joseph [PKLZD]

Out now in seasonal fashion is Oli Spleen‘s collaboration with Benbo – highly Christmassy, highly blasphemous. Hold on to your handbags!

Originally recorded at Christmas 2012 as one of the first collaborations for Benbo’s project #AIEEE, it started when Oli dug out an old lyric called ‘No Room At The Minge’ and emailed it over.

Three days later, the clanging chimes of doom were ringing out from Dark Studios in Hastings – an entire production was in swing. Film director Nichola Bruce, whose award-winning feature Moonbug was playing at the NASA Space Center in Houston at the time, was laying down accordion, and sheet music was being prepared for Lucy Ward collaborator IzzI Cooper to record cello.

“She got pregnant that’s a fact/With her hymen still intact”

Those familiar with Oli’s bands The Flesh Happening and Pink Narcissus might find the tenderness with which he narrates this hetero love song, accompanied by Benbo’s Christmastime/indie rock arrangement, unusual. It’s certainly some way from the classic ‘Anal Joy,’ for example.

A delicate, surprising departure for both, ‘A Carol For Joseph’ might just be touching enough to join oddities like ‘Stop The Cavalry’ in the Christmas canon. On the other hand, it does contain the rudest word in English, so… maybe not.

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