Otti Albietz signs to Pink Lizard Music

We are delighted to announce that Otti Albietz (iTunes/Amazon/Spotify) has agreed to let Pink Lizard Music publish his marvellous works so far.

Fresh from appearances at the End of the Road and Big Green Cardigan festivals, it feels like Otti’s star is in the ascendancy – which would totally be deserved.

Beautiful, surprising and often fragile songs that sound like nobody else – we are here to support unique independent writer-artists, and that’s exactly what he is.

Plus Otti’s songs work equally well on our headphones or when we play them over movie trailers. We think that’s because a) his themes are universal and b) he leaves just the right amount of space in his productions for us to add our own images and feelings.

Added to our deal with BBE, this makes us and our agents exclusively able to clear Otti’s works for licensing on a one-stop basis – including the joys of ‘If You’re Listening‘, ‘Amazing Life‘ and ‘It’s Nice To Feel Alive.’

Catch Otti in London on September 20 playing with More Like Trees at BBE’s next Finsbury night.

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