New VICE on HBO licenses: Alone In Splendour, Candelabrum

VICE on HBO has licensed a custom version of ‘To Shake The Mountain’ by new PLM signing Alone In Splendour for a new episode of its Emmy-winning series.

The track is under consideration for Alone In Splendour’s forthcoming début. It’s written by Riz Maslen/Tris Taylor and 100% published/released by us.

VICE also licensed the Tris Taylor composition ‘Suspended (Reprise)’ by Candelabrum for the same episode. The track will likely be on Candelabrum’s eponymous début late this year.

The episode premiered June 24 and will air on HBO channels in the US, Sweden, Canada.

Music supervisors and users can request a search to audition more unreleased material by Alone In Splendour, Candelabrum and others – visit

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