Maria Marzaioli & Riz Maslen in conversation on new Pink Lizard Music Podcast

First ever PLM podcast alert!

Kicking off are Maria Marzaioli (Slum Of Legs/Desire Line) and Riz Maslen (Neotropic/Small Fish With Spine), who met up at the wreck of the Amsterdam on Bulverhythe beach in Hastings and recorded their conversation.

Hosted by Benbo.

Play/download below:

#1 – Maria Marzaioli & Riz Maslen on Hastings seafront

Two titans of audio take their recorders down to Hastings beachfront and talk analogue & digital studio technology, the importance of location, and the highs and lows of playing live.


Future episodes will bring you new music, interviews, conversations and previews from all of us in the PLM family. Subscribe at if you like!

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