PLM Library Sounds: Most Intriguing (cover art)

Introducing: PLM Library Sounds

Here at PLM Towers we have been looking for a way to help our artists earn money even from great music that doesn’t fit in with their usual stuff.

So we’re starting PLM Library Sounds.

The aim is to give you great TV & film music that you can slot into your production in the knowledge that all fees and royalties will help to fund real artists making unique independent music.

We’ll treat every release with the same quality control as usual.* And we’ll be providing stems and alternate versions for maximum flexibility wherever we can.

Today we’re happy to announce the first PLM Library Sounds release: Most Intriguing. It’s a tongue-in-cheek high-society cocktail lounge TV theme, with 15 variations including short and long themes, stings, bed, and stems.

(Previews are also on Soundcloud.)

Step over here for more info.

*OK, except for the visuals.


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