EJ von LYRIK drops a London x Cape Town party bomb as her farewell to South Africa

New on pxnklxzrd – we are JAZZED to finally share the new single from Cape Town’s EJ von LYRIK and London’s Benbo – love is coming in from a h e a v y w e i g h t list of South African DJs including 5FM‘s DJ Fresh, Good Hope FM‘s DJ Ready D and BeatbangazDJ Azuhl.

Mi-Soul‘s Marcia Carr has already hailed the Benbo mix a ‘future boogie classic,’ Beatbangaz have been hammering the Pan Electric mix, and DJ Eazy simply sent this after hearing the RVWR Remix:

“OH MY HAT! That song is so so dope !!!”

In a case of extremely good timing, RVWR also just hit the #1 spot in South Africa’s Hip Hop & Rap chart for producing Khuli Chana‘s ‘All Hail.’

This is EJ’s last single before emigrating to the Netherlands – hop on over to the official release website to get the full story, more hype, GOLDEN FLIP FLOPS and all the listen/buy links. Or just hit:

Can we get a yes?



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