Double Tris Taylor license for Hot Docs premiere ‘A Revolution In Four Seasons’

Acclaimed director Jessie Deeter‘s feature documentary A Revolution In Four Seasons has licensed two tracks from Tris Taylor‘s forthcoming album City Of Promise.

Music-supervised by Aminé Ramer of States of Sound, the film follows Emna Ben Jemaa and Jawhara Ettis – two politically-opposed young women fighting to shape the future of Tunisia, the sole country to emerge from the Arab Spring uprisings as a functional democracy.

World premiere was on 1 May as an Official Selection at Toronto’s Hot Docs 2016 festival.

A Revolution In Four Seasons (film poster)

Tracks are 100% composed by Tris and published/owned by us. The sync was brokered through BritSync.

See our beta sync site for more unique independent music available for licensing.


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