Classic Matt Coldrick/Pan Electric back catalogue to be re-released through PLM

We are delighted to announce that Matt Coldrick aka Pan Electric has entrusted some of his classic ambient and downtempo works to Pink Lizard Music.

These albums have been unavailable for several years.

Matt’s 2001 album Music* For A Busy Head – Volume 1 is about to become the first re-release on our new Rouge Reptile imprint.  (Rouge Reptile will be a reissue label.)

Here are the original sales notes from the 2001 release:

“Created by producer and artist Matt Coldrick, Music* For a Busy Head – Volume 1 is a deep ambient album designed to take the listener on a journey inwards.

“A work of grace and depth, this release has been designed to aid relaxation and provide a perfect antidote for today’s stressful living. Techniques of changing the resonance and timbre of sound as well as the note and rhythm have been used for thousands of years for healing. Many of these principles and techniques are used on this album.

Music* For A Busy Head – Volume 1 comprises seven works. Each piece is written in a key that resonates with one of the main chakras or energy centres of the body. So, by listening to the album from start to finish the listener is given a subtle sonic massage. All the tempos on Music* For a Busy Head – Volume 1 are below 65 beats per minute, the average heart rate at rest. This will help draw the listener towards semi-consciousness where much of the body’s best self-healing work takes place.”

Music* For A Busy Head – Volume 1 will arrive in stores and streaming services in May. You can pre-order at the PLM Store.

Matt Coldrick founded Green Nuns of the Revolution with Neil Cowley and Dick Trevor. He has toured the world with Gabrielle, scored music for the BBC, Channel 4, Sky, Sony and Sega, and played festival sets for Rainbow Serpent and many others.

Matt currently lives and works in the southern hemisphere in close proximity to cake shops and yurts.

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