Out now – Otti Albietz: ‘Becoming Close’ (incl. Benbo remix) [BBE]

According to the BBE presser, “Otti tells us he can no longer listen to the original cos the remix is so good.” Hot nuts!

Buy now at iTunes or Amazon – or get direct from BBE.  Otti and band have dates in support:

  • 20 Nov: The Crown, Hastings
  • 28 Nov: The Lock Tavern, Camden

Both tracks are taken from And The Voices, the third album in Otti’s ‘initial statement’ trilogy.

And The Voices was recorded in two days at Harvey Summers’ Broadoak Studios – all parts recorded live.  And just like Bubbytone II before it, it sounds peachy.

Benbo’s remix slows the original varying tempo of ‘Becoming Close’ into a firm 92bpm, with waves of harsh and soft electronics that wring out Otti’s self-reflection and melancholy.

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