Adam Clements talks film & creativity in new Pink Lizard Music Podcast

Treetunnel main man Adam Clements makes a flying visit to Brixton and is collared by Benbo for the new Pink Lizard Music Podcast.

Adam is half of the team behind Benbo’s ‘If You Feel Emotional’ visuals, as well as work for #filmsforCorbyn, Time To Change and Lily Cole’s

He discusses influences, discovering one’s creative voice, and how he & Janey Moffatt cheated Benbo out of half the frames that should have appeared in his video.

Plus a tracklist that includes exclusives from Alone In Splendour and Benbo:

  1. The Fatty Acids: Interlude (WASHAWEDOO) [Kribber Krown]
  2. Benbo: If You Feel Emotional [PKLZD]
  3. Benbo: Nurvel Durd [forthcoming PKLZD]
  4. Alone In Splendour: To Shake The Mountain [forthcoming Blush Lacertilia]
  5. The Fatty Acids: Worst Part (Rob Macfarlane Remix) [PKLZD]
  6. Neotropic: If We Were Trees [Rouge Reptile]
  7. Pan Electric & Ishq: Air [Rouge Reptile]

Play/download below.

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