Kim Dotcom documentary hits #1 on iTunes, syncs Matt Coldrick classic

Earlier this year Caught In The Web, Annie Goldson‘s feature documentary on Kim Dotcom, had its world premiere at SXSW. Green Nuns Of The Revolution track ‘Cor!’, co-written by Matt Coldrick and part-published by Pink Lizard Music, is licensed for a key scene.

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VICE on HBO license for upcoming Candelabrum release

VICE on HBO have licensed Candelabrum‘s ‘Suspended (Reprise)’, from their upcoming eponymous début, for S5/Ep 22‘s report on press freedom in the Philippines. The episode was first broadcast on August 18.

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Second drop from Benbo’s upcoming mini-album hits Spotify, blogs

With ‘Gravity Pulls Me Down‘ on a wave thanks to early support from mp3hugger, Amazing Radio and 4m-audience-rated radio show The Selector, Benbo has dropped ‘F This’ – another preview from upcoming mini-album EVERYTHING IS FINE.

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Out now: Neotropic’s ‘Whiter Rabbits’ [Rouge Reptile] remastered for 2017 by DJ Shadow/Wu-Tang engineer Bob Macciochi

Whiter Rabbits is the final missing link in the Neotropic album chain. The companion remix piece to White Rabbits, it was originally released on Squid’s Eye in 2008 and the long out-of-print original CD now sells for silly money – if you can find it.

Well, party time, friends – it’s now available again, in both its original format and a brand new set of 2017 Remasters, which have been lovingly remastered for 2017 by SC Mastering‘s Bob Macciochi (who did the same for DJ Shadow’s 20th anniversary reissue of ‘Endtroducing’ last year).


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Out now: Neotropic ‘Muddy Water EP’ [Rouge Reptile]

Today we are excited to bring you the rather rare Muddy Water EP, the next in our series of reissues for Neotropic.

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OUT NOW: Mother Cyborg ‘Pressure Systems’ [pxnklxzrd]

It’s here.

“Phuturistic” – Joe Stannard, The Wire

Pressure Systems is the début album by Detroit’s Mother Cyborg. It launches at El Club tonight.

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Mother Cyborg to release Pressure Systems this Saturday – anticipation building in Detroit

Detroit Metro Times and Detroit Free Press have awesome previews/interviews in advance of tomorrow’s release party for Mother Cyborg‘s Pressure Systems. Check them out here and here!

And below is CaliXta‘s visual for opening single ‘3souled Women.’

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Mother Cyborg reveals second single from upcoming Detroit techno/global bass album

Earth Dreams,’ recorded in Detroit, London and Hastings, drops today – and preorders are open on Pressure Systems.

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Detroit’s Mother Cyborg lands punk footwork single ‘3souled Women’ – in advance of full début

Today we are beyond excited to announce the opening of our 2017 release schedule with Mother Cyborg‘s ‘3souled Women.’

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Out now – Oli Spleen & Benbo: A Carol For Joseph [PKLZD]

Out now in seasonal fashion is Oli Spleen‘s collaboration with Benbo – highly Christmassy, highly blasphemous. Hold on to your handbags!

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‘Keep It Funky (Oh No Ah-Ah)’ hits Good Hope FM’s #SAHot20 – we release videos

Amazing response from radio in South Africa – now Good Hope FM‘s The Hit Show has us at #17 in this week’s #SAHot20. Boom!

Lend us your vote here. We are releasing the videos to YouTube now

  • this mix is “SO MUCH 🔥🔥🔥🔥”:
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EJ von LYRIK drops a London x Cape Town party bomb as her farewell to South Africa

New on pxnklxzrd – we are JAZZED to finally share the new single from Cape Town’s EJ von LYRIK and London’s Benbo – love is coming in from a h e a v y w e i g h t list of South African DJs including 5FM‘s DJ Fresh, Good Hope FM‘s DJ Ready D and BeatbangazDJ Azuhl.

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Out now – Tris Taylor: City Of Promise [PLM Soundtracks]

PLM Soundtracks today releases Tris Taylor‘s City Of Promise – an expansive, contemporary narrative of urban growth and confidence which has already featured on productions filmed in Tunisia and the UAE.

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Cape Town’s EJ von LYRIK joins Brixton’s Benbo to drop a ‘future boogie classic’

We’re linking up with the amazing EJ von LYRIK for our next release on pxnklxzrd – already hailed by Mi-Soul‘s Marcia Carr as a ‘future boogie classic.’

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Alone In Splendour tease début on Touched 3

Alone In Splendour follow up their recent VICE on HBO sync with an exclusive preview of ‘The Shore’ on Touched 3.

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Riz Maslen signs publishing for the world

We are delighted to have extended our publishing deal with Riz Maslen, opening it up to her full catalogue.

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Out now – Fucu: ‘Rocker + Remixes’ [pxnklxzrd]

Radio support from BBC 1Xtra, 6Music, CapitalXTRA, Soho Radio and Amazing Radio, plus features on Digital Tunes and Traxsource – our pxnklxzrd label today releases the full ‘Rocker’ package.

“What a musical trip!” – Nemone, BBC 6Music:

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New VICE on HBO licenses: Alone In Splendour, Candelabrum

VICE on HBO has licensed a custom version of ‘To Shake The Mountain’ by new PLM signing Alone In Splendour for a new episode of its Emmy-winning series.

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Fucu ‘Rocker’ – out now [pxnklxzrd] & premiering on The Noise Gate

Today we are hyped to finally bring you Fucu‘s ‘Rocker’ on our club imprint pxnklxzrd – it’s already picked up radio support from DJ Barely Legal (BBC 1Xtra), Eddy Temple Morris (Soho Radio) and Mark Ryan (Amazing Radio).

Premiering over at The Noise Gate now!

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Matt Coldrick ‘Solar Plexus Yellow Radiance’ on VICE (HBO)

VICE has licensed ‘Solar Plexus Yellow Radiance’ from Matt Coldrick‘s Music* For A Busy Head – Volume 1 for this week’s episode of its Emmy-winning HBO series.

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Fucu lines up ‘Rocker’ release, BBC 1Xtra & Capital XTRA support

Next on our club imprint pxnklxzrd: Fucu‘s unique dubby shuffler ‘Rocker.’

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Double Tris Taylor license for Hot Docs premiere ‘A Revolution In Four Seasons’

Acclaimed director Jessie Deeter‘s feature documentary A Revolution In Four Seasons has licensed two tracks from Tris Taylor‘s forthcoming album City Of Promise.

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Benbo ‘If You Feel Emotional’ on BBC1 and BT Sport

Benbo‘s ‘If You Feel Emotional’ has picked up uses on BBC1‘s prime-time ‘The One Show’ and in BT Sport‘s MotoGP programming (from 0:46 here).

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Next Matt Coldrick reissue: Pan Electric’s ‘Conscious Pilot’

Third in the series, and upcoming on our reissue label Rouge Reptile, is this extraordinary, almost gapless 50 minutes that brings together some extremely fine musicians to create a unique blend of downtempo, ambient, chillout and prog.

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Out now – Benbo: Benbo’s 2015 Bundle [PKLZD]

Benbo’s roundup compilation of all official releases in 2015 is out now, including some rare cassette tracks and remixes:

The year opened with Janey Moffat & Adam Clements‘ ‘Sheep On Drugs’ promo becoming Knitty‘s Knitted Video of the Week, and Jake Scott‘s weird ‘Black Hole’ trip getting tipped by the MG Owner’s Club.

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Preorder Benbo’s 2015 bundle now

Support from Indie Shuffle, Pigeons & Planes, Eddy Temple Morris, BBC Introducing, Emily Dust and loads more for the tracks on this compilation – check out the trailer and preorder for £1 now!

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Out now – Benbo: Nurvel Durd [PKLZD]

Benbo‘s video-only Christmas surprise is getting a full release today –– & tonight it becomes Eddy Temple Morris‘s inaugural ‘Friday Night Hand Job’ on Soho Radio.

Further support already in from Emily Dust (MEATtransMISSION), Show With No Name (FCUM Radio) and Neil Bontoft (Cowbell Radio).

For this PKLZD issue it’s augmented by a new ‘Boring Version’ and a ‘Destroy All Intersample Peaks Remaster’ of the original “for anyone listening on really expensive hi-fi.”

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Benbo drops “amazingly surreal” 2015 Christmas Curiosity

Concluding a year in which his Gordon Raphael-mixed single ‘If You Feel Emotional‘ racked up 14.5K Soundcloud plays (thanks to an Indie Shuffle premiere), Benbo has dropped this instrumental Christmas Curiosity.


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Out now – Tris Taylor: Run The Numbers [PLM Soundtracks]

Run The Numbers is a suite of explorations in unusual time signatures by the ‘Late Junction’ featured composer Tris Taylor.

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Introducing: PLM Library Sounds

Here at PLM Towers we have been looking for a way to help our artists earn money even from great music that doesn’t fit in with their usual stuff.

So we’re starting PLM Library Sounds.

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Adam Clements talks film & creativity in new Pink Lizard Music Podcast

Treetunnel main man Adam Clements makes a flying visit to Brixton and is collared by Benbo for the new Pink Lizard Music Podcast.

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Introducing PinkSync – now in beta

PLM bossman Tris Taylor will be saying a few words at the London Sync Sessions showcase later today.

To celebrate, we are going public with our PinkSync beta. 

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Out now – Neotropic: White Rabbits (Rouge Reptile)

Today we are excited and humbled to bring you the reissue of this classic album.

“White Rabbits showcases an artist at the top of her form” (Pitchfork)

For this first post-Ninja Tune LP, Riz Maslen travelled to Minneapolis to work with some of its best underground indie musicians.

Blending electronica and live instrumentation into a highly evocative, cinematic mix, White Rabbits is both a great ensemble piece and an extraordinary, intimately personal statement.

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Out now – The Fatty Acids: Worst Part Remixes [PKLZD]

Today we bring you magnificent remixes of this magnificent record by Rob Macfarlane (MTA Records), Riley Lake (Astral Plane), and Benbo (Cooking Vinyl).


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‘Worst Part’ hits Spotify’s official Fresh Finds playlist at #17

According to this, “Fresh Finds is a distillation of the hippest users on Spotify… these are the artists that are going to break out soon because they’re being listened to by these people.”

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Out Now – The Fatty Acids: Worst Part [PKLZD]

Today we rejoice that we are able to bring you this excellent single from Milwaukee scramblepop four-piece The Fatty Acids.


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Impose Magazine premieres The Fatty Acids’ ‘I Try Not To Freak Out About It’ video

According to them, “you better believe that the ‘Acids are going to pack a visual punch as awesome, exciting, and unusual as the song itself.”

Get ye over to IMPOSE Magazine’s world premiere now. And scroll down a bit. There is a Josh Evert interview too.

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Indie Shuffle premieres new Benbo single mixed by Strokes producer Gordon Raphael

Indie Shuffle is now premiering the second solo release by Benbo.

Gordon Raphael (producer, The Strokes) is on the mix and Mandy Parnell (Björk/Jungle) mastered it.  It was co-written with novelist A.K. Benedict, who also sings backing vocals.

Stream over here.


Out now – Alexandra Benedict & Tris Taylor: Sleeping Lions – OST + Remixes [PLM Soundtracks]

Third in a series of PLM Soundtracks releases by Alexandra Benedict & Tris Taylor, the ‘Sleeping Lions’ score uses piano, violin, Wurlitzer, balloon bumps, celeste and music box, along with a soundscape including wind, dog barks and a bicycle.

‘Sleeping Lions’ was composed without reference to picture. Instead, director Oliver Crowther briefed Benedict & Taylor with a list of estimated timings, and references to Tarkovsky and classic French cinema.

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Otti Albietz plays ‘Who Are The Wishful’ live at PLM Presents

Here’s some phone video from our last party.

Otti And The Voices played a great solo opening set spanning tracks from each of his three albums so far – this is ‘Who Are The Wishful’ from Bubbytone II.

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Out now – The Fatty Acids: :0) [PKLZD]

HIGH on the FUMES of Steve Lamacq giving ‘Airsick’ its BBC 6Music premiere on Wednesday – here it is, the first ever UK label release by The Fatty Acids.

These guys have worked their way up to near-legendary status in their home town and just played the support slot for Flaming Lips at Summerfest.

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The Fatty Acids ready to drop first UK EP – :0)

Beyond excited to be doing the first ever release on a UK label by the greatest band we ever heard from Milwaukee, The Fatty Acids.

These guys have worked their way up to near-legendary status in their home town and just played the support slot for Flaming Lips at Summerfest (ginormous US music festival).

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Out now – Pan Electric & Ishq: Elemental Journey [Rouge Reptile]

We continue with Matt Coldrick aka Pan Electric‘s back catalogue reissues, this one in collaboration with the mighty Ishq – 69 minutes 41 seconds of stately, cosmic, psychedelic ambient music.

The album evolved from conversations between Matt, Ishq and Hattie Wells, and began with Ishq sending Matt a series of textural sonic elements that he then developed into full arrangements.

Here’s what Matt originally wrote about it in 2005:

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Maria Marzaioli & Riz Maslen in conversation on new Pink Lizard Music Podcast

First ever PLM podcast alert!

Kicking off are Maria Marzaioli (Slum Of Legs/Desire Line) and Riz Maslen (Neotropic/Small Fish With Spine), who met up at the wreck of the Amsterdam on Bulverhythe beach in Hastings and recorded their conversation.

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Out Monday: Pan Electric & Ishq – Elemental Journey

This is the second in a series of re-releases of classic chillout albums from the back catalogue of Matt Coldrick a.k.a. Pan Electric.

Elemental Journey is a collaboration with Matt Hillier – better known to festival-goers the world over as Ishq.

Jump to the official release website for all the details and a free track!

‘Shackled’ film now available, new soundtrack CD [PLM Soundtracks]

Thanks to a recent distribution deal, you can now buy Nour Wazzi’s short film ‘Shackled’ on iTunes.

The soundtrack by Alexandra Benedict & Tris Taylor is out now through us.

In celebration, we have pressed an edition of 50 CDs, only available on Bandcamp.

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Pink Lizard Music Presents BENBO + GUESTS – Fri 29 May in Hoxton

For your amusement, delectation, challenge and enjoyment, Pink Lizard Music Presents:

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Out now – Matt Coldrick: Music* For A Busy Head – Volume 1 [Rouge Reptile]

Honoured to be re-releasing this classic deep ambient album from 2001 that is still being played today by chillout pioneers like Mixmaster Morris.

Here it is: iTunes/Spotify/PLM Store/Bandcamp.

It’s the first in a series of reissues we’re doing for the Green Nuns of the Revolution co-founder. Original sales notes from the 2001 release:

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Out Now – Pablo: ‘Feels Like’ – digital with extra mixes [pxnklxzrd]

Stunning levels of support for our Record Store Day Exclusive so far from people like Tensnake, Gilles Peterson, Nemone, Marcia Carr, Jaguar Skills, Tim Love Lee and Danny Krivit.

We are now allowed to release the digital!

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Classic Matt Coldrick/Pan Electric back catalogue to be re-released through PLM

We are delighted to announce that Matt Coldrick aka Pan Electric has entrusted some of his classic ambient and downtempo works to Pink Lizard Music.

These albums have been unavailable for several years.

Matt’s 2001 album Music* For A Busy Head – Volume 1 is about to become the first re-release on our new Rouge Reptile imprint.

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Out tomorrow – Pablo: ‘Feels Like’ 10″ clear vinyl – Record Store Day 2015 exclusive [pxnklxzrd]

With support from Gilles Peterson (original) and Nemone (OPOLOPO Remix) on BBC Radio 6 Music, we are very happy to finally be releasing this beauty as a Record Store Day Exclusive tomorrow.

We’re keeping the A side back for now but here’s what the OPOLOPO remix sounds like:

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Out now – Benbo: EP1 [PKLZD]

Out now on iTunes, Bandcamp and the PLM Store through PKLZD. More stores shortly.

Boss of Pink Lizard Music Benbo presents his first ever solo EP.

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We are 1

Pink Lizard Music is one year old! To celebrate our birthday, we actually have a brag we can do.

Our first ever vinyl release is going to be part of Record Store Day 2015.

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Otti Albietz & The Voices now on tour

Otti & the Voices are on tour from… pretty much today!


– Fri 13th Feb – Silver Bullet, London (Facebook)

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Pink Lizard Music Presents – 17 Jan – photos

a few photos from this


shot by Kat Five


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Pink Lizard Music presents – Sat 17 Jan in Hoxton



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Out now – Otti Albietz: ‘Becoming Close’ (incl. Benbo remix) [BBE]

According to the BBE presser, “Otti tells us he can no longer listen to the original cos the remix is so good.” Hot nuts!

Buy now at iTunes or Amazon – or get direct from BBE.  Otti and band have dates in support:

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Riz Maslen signs to Pink Lizard Music

We are beyond excited (dribble) to announce that Riz Maslen (iTunes/Amazon/Spotify) has signed a publishing deal with Pink Lizard Music.

We think she is, frankly, a bit modest, considering her extraordinary twenty-year career so far.

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Pink Lizard Music completes deals with Musiqware, Sync Dept

We are happy to announce TWO DEALS. Ohhh yeahhhh.

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Shop alert: very limited quantities of The Fatty Acids’ Boléro now in [Kribber Krown]

15 on beautiful blue marbled vinyl, 15 on CD, brought em back on the plane from Milwaukee. First come, first served

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Otti Albietz signs to Pink Lizard Music

We are delighted to announce that Otti Albietz (iTunes/Amazon/Spotify) has agreed to let Pink Lizard Music publish his marvellous works so far.

Fresh from appearances at the End of the Road and Big Green Cardigan festivals, it feels like Otti’s star is in the ascendancy – which would totally be deserved.

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The Fatty Acids US tour coming up – Cool Beans

The Fatty Acids (iTunes/Amazon/Spotify) head out on a US tour this August. They are friggin great! Friends in the States, check these dates.

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The Fatty Acids sign to Pink Lizard Music

We are extremely excited to announce that The Fatty Acids (iTunes/Amazon/Spotify)have signed publishing for their masterpiece, Boléro, to Pink Lizard Music.

Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge and recorded & mixed in-house by the band, it’s a wild, beautiful, Flaming-Lips-esque rush through the landscape of their home state Wisconsin.

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Out now – Alexandra Benedict & Tris Taylor: Habibti – Original Soundtrack [PLM Soundtracks]

Out today exclusively on iTunes through PLM Soundtracks [PLMS2].  Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp, PLM Store [ft bonus track]: 10 July.

Scripted by BAFTA-winner Daniel Fajemisin-Duncan from a story by Oscar nominee Ari Folman (Waltz with Bashir) and award-winning director Nour Wazzi, Habibti went on to sweep awards and citations at film festivals in Africa, Europe, and both North and South America.

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Pink Lizard Music agrees Otti Albietz/BBE deals

We are very happy to announce that Otti Albietz and BBE are allowing Pink Lizard Music to represent his albums Bubbytone II & And The Voices for sync.

Otti’s music has been growing on us for some time and we think he is truly a unique independent voice, which is entirely what we are about at PLM Towers.

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Out now – Alexandra Benedict & Tris Taylor: Shackled – Original Soundtrack [PLM Soundtracks]

Out today on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp and the PLM Store [ft bonus track] through PLM Soundtracks [PLMS1].

Shackled is an atmospheric psychological thriller set in a 1950s circus in Louisiana, starring Emilia Clarke (Game Of Thrones).

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