It’s July 27th. Pink Lizard Music Limited has been a company for just over 4 months. What the fuck is it?

Here is the what, who, why & how.


Independent music publishing and development company.

Includes labels and sync services – basically, if we think we need a new arm to help get the songs heard and used, we’ll set it up.


I own it (me, Benbo).


On the roster are me and some great independent writer-artists I’ve been lucky enough to work with.


To help me and my friends keep more control over the music we make, and to try and be more businesslike about actually making some money out of it (without being shits).

Because more than one of us has gone into deals with established labels and music publishers and ended up disappointed.


  1. Work on the music until it’s the absolute best it can be.
  2. Figure out the paperwork so everything’s legal and ready for licensing.
  3. Package it up all nice with extra mixes/tracks and whatnot so it looks like something we’d wanna buy.
  4. Get it in front of as many people as possible that might like it.
  5. Ensure everyone is paid something for their time and talents.
  6. No sell out, unless the artist wants to sell out.

Will it work?  No idea. Still have a romantic idea that if the music’s great, and you work hard enough trying to get people to hear it, then good things will happen.


If you like, join us for updates and exclusives.



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