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Benbo 'Gravity Pulls Me Down' (cover art)

Stream Benbo’s ‘Gravity Pulls Me Down’ ahead of mini-album drop

Benbo has a new mini-album slated for September 29 – ‘Gravity Pulls Me Down’, “an off-kilter, psychedelic tinged alternative pop wonder” according to this, is available to stream RIGHT NOW. Press play here:

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Benbo, standing in front of a wood-panelled exterior wall, looking at shrubs to his right

Benbo ‘If You Feel Emotional’ on BBC1 and BT Sport

Benbo‘s ‘If You Feel Emotional’ has picked up uses on BBC1‘s prime-time ‘The One Show’ and in BT Sport‘s MotoGP programming (from 0:46 here).

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Benbo: If You Feel Emotional (cover art)

Out now – Benbo: ‘If You Feel Emotional’ [PKLZD]

Out today on PKLZD (and premiering at Indie Shuffle), the second solo release by Benbo – a sparkling summery pop tune with a dirty great synth muscling its way in at the break.

Mixed by Gordon Raphael (producer, The Strokes) and mastered by Mandy Parnell (Björk/Jungle), it was co-written with novelist A.K. Benedict, who also sings backing vocals.

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Alexandra Benedict & Tris Taylor: Sleeping Lions – Original Soundtrack (+ Remixes) (cover art by Oliver Crowther)

Out now – Alexandra Benedict & Tris Taylor: Sleeping Lions – OST + Remixes [PLM Soundtracks]

Third in a series of PLM Soundtracks releases by Alexandra Benedict & Tris Taylor, the ‘Sleeping Lions’ score uses piano, violin, Wurlitzer, balloon bumps, celeste and music box, along with a soundscape including wind, dog barks and a bicycle.

‘Sleeping Lions’ was composed without reference to picture. Instead, director Oliver Crowther briefed Benedict & Taylor with a list of estimated timings, and references to Tarkovsky and classic French cinema.

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Shackled – film poster

‘Shackled’ film now available, new soundtrack CD [PLM Soundtracks]

Thanks to a recent distribution deal, you can now buy Nour Wazzi’s short film ‘Shackled’ on iTunes.

The soundtrack by Alexandra Benedict & Tris Taylor is out now through us.

In celebration, we have pressed an edition of 50 CDs, only available on Bandcamp.

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PXNK001T – clear vinyl 10", Pablo: 'Feels Like'

We are 1

Pink Lizard Music is one year old! To celebrate our birthday, we actually have a brag we can do.

Our first ever vinyl release is going to be part of Record Store Day 2015.

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Alexandra Benedict & Tris Taylor: Habibti – Original Soundtrack (PLM Soundtracks PLMS2)

Out now – Alexandra Benedict & Tris Taylor: Habibti – Original Soundtrack [PLM Soundtracks]

Out today exclusively on iTunes through PLM Soundtracks [PLMS2].  Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp, PLM Store [ft bonus track]: 10 July.

Scripted by BAFTA-winner Daniel Fajemisin-Duncan from a story by Oscar nominee Ari Folman (Waltz with Bashir) and award-winning director Nour Wazzi, Habibti went on to sweep awards and citations at film festivals in Africa, Europe, and both North and South America.

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Shackled – Original Soundtrack [cover art]

Out now – Alexandra Benedict & Tris Taylor: Shackled – Original Soundtrack [PLM Soundtracks]

Out today on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp and the PLM Store [ft bonus track] through PLM Soundtracks [PLMS1].

Shackled is an atmospheric psychological thriller set in a 1950s circus in Louisiana, starring Emilia Clarke (Game Of Thrones).

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