Adam Clements

Adam Clements is an animator and the Creative Director of Tree Tunnel, a multimedia production company working for non-profits and ethical businesses, with clients including Lily Cole’s, mental health awareness charity Time to Change, and Jeremy Corbyn‘s campaign for Labour leadership.

Some facts about Adam:

  • He describes his work as ‘organic and quirky’
  • He is into politics
  • He likes live comedy
  • His favourite combination of words is ‘bouncy pickle biscuit’
  • His favourite dinosaur is Stegosaurus
  • He can quote every line from Home Alone 1 and 2
  • He has had a few glasses of wine
  • He took most of this from his online dating profile.

With Janey Moffatt, Adam is half of the team behind video’s for Benbo‘s ‘Sheep On Drugs’:

…and ‘If You Feel Emotional.’

#Adam Clements


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