Michael James Hall

“Thought I was unique, a snowflake, a dawnbreak/I am a heartbreak”

Michael James Hall was born and raised in Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales where he suffered through teenhood with only The Smiths, Iron Maiden and stolen comics for solace.

Moving to London at 18 Michael spent several years dithering before finally forming his first band proper Motel 6 who, largely, wanted to be The Lemonheads. Later came Nebraska and years of ego clashes, occasionally good shows, an album and a couple of singles. It all ended badly, of course.

In recent years Michael has formed Ghost Carriage Phantoms with Mark Estall (ex-Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring), performed a series of ever-evolving live shows that range from experimental electronica to doom laden post-rock, released the debut album ‘The Boy Lives’ on Marketstall Records in 2012 and issued a series of singles, videos and a remix album. Michael works full time at a small production house, runs the fanzine #flatoutfucked and also writes for various music magazines and websites. The second Ghost Carriage Phantoms album is due later in 2014.

Michael is a fan of professional wrestling and many different flavours of soft drink. He’s generally a contented sort these days and can often be found on the roof garden above his (rented) flat in Whitechapel or in his pants in front of the telly.


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