December 2016, Johannesburg: Cape Town MC EJ von LYRIK (Eloise Jones) is inducted into the South African Hip Hop Hall of Fame.

The Honorary Award comes as recognition for her part in the iconic and hugely influential three-woman crew Godessa, whose 2002 début Social Ills flipped the switch on a global spotlight, bringing tour dates in Cuba, Switzerland, France and the US.

As befits a woman Public Enemy‘s Chuck D once described as in ‘the all time top five female emcees ever,’ Jones can play both social commentator and hype-woman. Switching effortlessly between dancehall patois, searing polemic and soul-filled diva vocals, she followed up the 2004 Godessa full-length Spillage – on which she produced the drum & bass-flavoured ‘Dissfunkshin’, neck-snapping ‘Mike Lesson’ and psychedelic synth funk ‘Newsflash’ – with her 2007 solo début Method In The Madness, and in 2010 released concept battle album The Human Condition.

This opened the floodgates for collaborations with artists all over Europe, North America and Africa – including Jack Parow, Mix N Blend and Ninja Tune‘s Poirier – and tours and festival appearances in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, France, Spain, USA, UK, Ethiopia, Reunion Island, Malawi and Tanzania.

In November 2016, we released her collaboration with Benbo, ‘Keep It Funky (Oh No Ah-Ah)‘.

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