Out now: Neotropic ‘Muddy Water EP’ [Rouge Reptile]

Today we are excited to bring you the rather rare Muddy Water EP, the next in our series of reissues for Neotropic.

Originally released in 2004, it contained acoustic prototypes of songs that would end up on Equestrienne (2009) and (in the case of the marvellously-titled ‘Carpet’) as a special bonus track on Equestrienne Remixes (2011).

Heard now from the other side, they offer an intriguing, intimate insight into the process that begins here with a solo voice and guitar, and ends with the dense, multi-layered tracks of Equestrienne. These recordings sometimes feel like they were made at the point of inception – almost as if the songs are still being written through the process of playing. ‘Tall Fences’ in particular is a revelation.

Rounding off the package is a booming trip hop remix from the School of Emotional Engineering – aka one Ben Frost.

Pick it up from your favourite site, add it to your streaming playlists, or come a drop a bonus amount on Bandcamp. Here are some links:

Apple Music | Bandcamp | Beatport | Deezer | iTunes | Spotify

Next in this programme of Riz Maslen reissues: we have some very nice remasters! Stay tuned. Follow Neotropic on Spotify.



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