OUT NOW: Mother Cyborg ‘Pressure Systems’ [pxnklxzrd]

It’s here.

“Phuturistic” – Joe Stannard, The Wire

Pressure Systems is the début album by Detroit’s Mother Cyborg. It launches at El Club tonight.

“A trip through Nucera’s multifaceted musical influences — from Chicago-style footwork to house and global bass to Cumbia — the album is her vision of a cyborg’s journey to consciousness. It’s as grand as it is cellular, a moving opus to the power of both personal self-realization and the science of cell regeneration as it occurs in a moving body — all in the context of science fiction, the perfect genre to explore the tech-infused world of electronic music” – Ana Gavrilovska, Detroit Metro Times.

The album release party is to be hosted by Rolling Stone pick Tunde Olaniran and features a stellar Detroit/NYC lineup in support: DJ Ripley, MPeach, Britney Stoney and Techno Poetics. Childcare will be available on-site. Mother Cyborg’s visuals on the night will be programmed by CaliXta and there will be lasers.

Get the album here now.

“We are all wildly ill prepared (but so ready) for the journey” – Jerilyn Jordan, Audiofemme

Track list:

  1. 3souled Women (2:46)
  2. Signs Of Life (5:14)
  3. Panic’s Pattern (4:52)
  4. Earth Dreams (4:53)
  5. Parts Of Ease (4:56)
  6. Cyborg (2:42)
  7. Soft Parade (4:19)
  8. Band Of Time (3:49)

Designed by Sylver Sterling, the album features mixes by Sampha/MIA engineer Marta Salogni and was finalised by DJ Shadow mastering engineer Bob Macciochi. Check the official release website for more credits.

“Diana Nucera has a musical alter ego that defies most of our expectations of typical creative personas” – Jeff Milo, Detroit Free Press

“One hell of a singer”Hip In Detroit

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